Index to pages containing basic information about the players who qualify for an entry in the Stockport County Who's Who.

Qualifying players with family names starting with S
Name Position
with County
Charles Saer
[Charles Saer]
Goalkeeper 1898-00
Michael Bernard Salmon
[Mick Salmon]
Goalkeeper 1983-86
James Henry Sambrook
[John Sambrook]
Centre Forward 1923-24
Leslie Samuels
[Les Samuels]
Inside Forward 1957-59
Joseph Sanaghan
[Joe Sanaghan]
Left Back 1949-51
Robert Morgan Sanders
[Robert Sanders]
Right Back 1939-40
Frederick Cecil Sanderson
[Fred Sanderson]
Left Half 1926-27
Lee Robert Sandford
[Lee Sandford]
Defence 2001-02
Ian Robert Sandiford
[Ian Sandiford]
Centre Forward 1964-66
Charles Sargeant
[Charles Sargeant]
Outside Left 1937-39
Thomas E Sawyer
[Thomas Sawyer]
Inside Forward/Outside Right 1895-96
George Scales
[George Scales]
Goalkeeper 1942-43
Gary P Schofield
[Gary Schofield]
Midfield 1977-78
Joseph Schofield
[Joseph Schofield]
Outside Right 1905-06
John Scholes
[John Scholes]
Inside Left 1943-44
James Scotson
[James Scotson]
Outside Left 1903-05
Alexander Scott
[Alec Scott]
Outside Left 1941-43
Ian Richard Scott
[Ian Scott]
Defence 1987-89
William John Scott
[William Scott]
Left Back 1935-36
James P Scullion
[James Scullion]
Centre Forward 1931-32
Thompson W Scurr
[Thompson Scurr]
Outside left 1925-28
Arthur Seabrook
[Arthur Seabrook]
Outside Right 1929-30
John William Seagrave
[Jack Seagrave]
Centre Half 1939-40
Seale Half Back 1899-00
Damon Peter Searle
[Damon Searle]
Full Back/Midfield 1996-98
Andrew J Seddon
[Andy Seddon]
Defence 1977-83
Harry Seddon
[Harry Seddon]
Inside Forward 1942-47
Ian Wright Seddon
[Ian Seddon]
Midfield 1975-76
Ivor John Seemley
[Ivor Seemley]
Left Back 1955-57
Edward R Self
[Edward Self]
Outside Left 1940-41
Mark Anthony Sertori
[Mark Sertori]
Central Defence/Centre Forward 1986-88
James Settle
[Jimmy Settle]
Inside Left 1908-09
Robert Shanks
[Robert Shanks]
Left Back 1931-32
David Leslie Shannon
[Dave Shannon]
Midfielder/Defender 1973-74
Herbert Sharpley
[Herbert Sharpley]
Inside Right 1900-04
Kenneth Shaw
[Ken Shaw]
Outside Left 1941-48
Francis David Shawcross
[David Shawcross]
Left Half 1965-67
Kenneth Shawcross
[Kenneth Shawcross]
Outside Right 1941-45
Walter Shelton
[Walter Shelton]
Full Back 1919-21
George Shepherd
[George Shepherd]
Inside Forward 1943-44
Wayne D Shepherd
[Wayne Shepherd]
Goalkeeper 1988-90
Steven Edward Sherlock
[Steve Sherlock]
Full Back 1979-86
Sherwood, George W
[George Sherwood]
Inside Left 1938-46
Barry Alfred Siddall
[Barry Siddall]
Goalkeeper 1989-90
William Alfred Silto
[William Silto]
Centre Half 1917-18
Harvey V Simmons
[Harvey Simmons]
Outside Right 1930-31
Ernest Simms
[Ernest Simms]
Centre Forward 1923-26
S Simms
[S Simms]
Centre Forward 1916-17
James McMillan Simpson
[Jimmy Simpson]
Centre Half 1943-44
Robert H Simpson
[Robert Simpson]
Left Back 1917-18
Harold Bertram Singleton
[Harold Singleton]
Outside Left 1899-01
Robert Geoffrey Slack
[Geoff Slack]
Outside Right 1958-59
Kevin Paul Slinn
[Kevin Slinn]
Forward 1994-95
James Smailes
[Jimmy Smailes]
Outside Left 1936-38
Charles Alan Smith
[Alan Smith]
Goalkeeper 1960-61
Andrew Smith
[Andrew Smith]
Forward 2004-05
David Bryan Smith
[Dave Smith]
Winger 1973-74
David Christopher Smith
[David Smith]
Midfield 1998-02
Frederick Smith
[Frederick Smith]
Full Back 1906-09
Frederick Smith
[Frederick Smith]
Centre Forward 1917-19
Frederick Smith
[Frederick Smith]
Outside Right 1931-32
"Geordie" Smith
[G Smith]
Inside Left 1895-97
Graham Leslie Smith
[Graham Smith]
Right Back 1974-79
Gareth Shaun Smith
[Shaun Smith]
Defence 2003-04
Harold Smith
[Harry Smith]
Full Back 1898-99
James Alexander Grant Smith
[Jim Smith]
Left Back 1970-72
John R Smith
[John Smith]
Centre Forward 1931-32
Joseph Smith
[Joseph Smith]
Centre Forward 1926-29
Joseph Barry Smith
[Barry Smith]
Centre Forward 1958-60
Nigel Godfrey Smith
[Nigel Smith]
Central Defence 1984-86
Paul Michael Smith
[Paul Smith]
Forward 1985-86
W Samuel Smith
[Samuel Smith]
Right Back 1901-02
Wilfred Smith
[Wilf Smith]
Inside Forward 1956-60
William Smith
[William Smith]
Inside Right 1900-01
William Ginger Smith
[William Smith]
Centre Half 1934-37
William Henry Smith
[William Smith]
Left Back 1938-40
Richard Sneekes
[Richard Sneekes]
Midfield 2001-02
William Sowden
[William Sowden]
Centre Forward 1957-58
Frank Spencer
[Frank Spencer]
Centre Forward 1942-43
James Spencer
[James Spencer]
Left Half 1894-96
James Spencer
[James Spencer]
Goalkeeper 2001-05
Thomas Spratt
[Tommy Spratt]
Right Half 1972-74
Andrew Grant Stafford
[Andy Stafford]
Winger/Midfield 1981-82
John Stainsby
[John Stainsby]
Centre Forward 1963-64
H Stainwright
[H Stainwright]
Inside Forward 1918-20
John Stanger
[John Stanger]
Outside Right 1934-36
Ronald Staniforth
[Ronnie Staniforth]
Right Back 1946-52
Harold Stansfield
[Harold Stansfield]
Outside Right 1902-04
John Robert Stapleton
[John Stapleton]
Left Back 1988-89
Edward C Steele
[Edward Steele]
Centre Half 1941-46
Gilbert Steele
[Gilbert Steele]
Centre Forward 1921-22
George R Stentiford
[George Stentiford]
Right Half 1924-26
George Leopold Stevens
[Leo Stevens]
Centre Forward 1936-38
Ian David Stevens
[Ian Stevens]
Forward 1986-87
John Stevens
[Jack Stevens]
Centre Half 1940-41
James Stevenson
[James Stevenson]
Inside Forward 1944-45
Robert Arthur Still
[Robert Still]
Left Half 1934-39
Harold Stock
[Harry Stock]
Inside Right 1938-48
Thomas Stokes
[Thomas Stokes]
Outside Left 1906-07
Wayne Darren Stokes
[Wayne Stokes]
Centre Half 1986-87
A Stringfellow
[A Stringfellow]
Inside Left 1917-18
Alex Stuart
[Alex Stuart]
Inside Left 1942-44
Douglas Stuart
[Douglas Stuart]
Outside Left 1943-44
Edward Albert Stuart
[Eddie Stuart]
Right Half/Centre Half 1966-68
Robert Suart
[Bob Suart]
Centre Half 1915-18
Leslie Gordon Sullivan
[Leslie Sullivan]
Outside Left 1939-40
William Barney Sullivan
[Barney Sullivan]
Outside Left 1939-40
Michael George Summerbee
[Mike Summerbee]
Outside Right 1977-80
Alan M Sumner
[Alan Sumner]
Forward 1965-79
David Sunley
[Dave Sunley]
Inside Forward 1979-82
Peter David Sutcliffe
[Peter Sutcliffe]
Winger 1983-84
Daniel Sutherland
[Daniel Sutherland]
Centre Forward 1894-96
Christopher Samuel Swan
[Chris Swan]
Inside Right 1923-25
Andrew Swann
[Andrew Swann]
Centre Forward 1901-02
John Swannell
[John Swannell]
Goalkeeper 1959-60
Frederick J Sweeney
[Fred Sweeney]
Inside Left 1942-43
Webster Swift
[Webster Swift]
Half Back 1931-32
Herbert Swindells
[Herbert Swindells]
Centre Forward 1942-44
Thomas William Swinscoe
[Tom Swinscoe]
Centre Forward 1947-50
Thomas William Sword
[Tommy Sword]
Centre Half/Centre Forward 1986-88
Norman Albert John Sykes
[Norman Sykes]
Centre Half 1965-67

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