Index to pages containing basic information about the players who qualify for an entry in the Stockport County Who's Who.

Qualifying players with family names starting with G
Name Position
with County
Larry Albert Gage
[Laurie Gage]
Goalkeeper 1944-45
Thomas Gale
[Thomas Gale]
Goalkeeper 1931-33
Brian Gallagher
[Brian Gallagher]
Left Back 1967-68
Gallie Outside Right 1892-93
John William Gallon
[John Gallon]
Inside Forward 1943-44
Thomas Galloway
[Thomas Galloway]
Right Half 1907-11
Christopher Galvin
[Chris Galvin]
Inside Left 1978-81
James Paul Gannon
[Jim Gannon]
Central Defence/Midfield 1989-01
William Edward Garbett
[Eddie Garbett]
Outside Right 1972-74
Claude A Garfoot
[Claude Garfoot]
Outside Left 1941-42
Herbert A Garner
[Herbert Garner]
Left Back 1930-31
Frederick Howard Garrett
[Fred Garrett]
Centre Half 1912-22
George Gaskell
[George Gaskell]
Left Back 1892-94
William Ernest Gault
[Ernie Gault]
Centre Forward 1920-22
Derek Peter Geary
[Derek Geary]
Right Back 2004-05
Alec Geddis
[Alec Geddis]
Left Back 1943-44
Charles W Gee
[Charlie Gee]
Centre Forward/Centre Half 1939-40
Harold Gee
[Harold Gee]
Inside Left 1943-46
R A Gennow
[R Gennow]
Left Back 1944-45
Edward Gettins
[Edward Gettins]
Full Back 1909-11
Alistair Stuart Gibb
[Ali Gibb]
Midfield 1999-04
Kevin Gibbens
[Kevin Gibbens]
Midfield 1999-00
David Gibbons
[David Gibbons]
Full Back 1971-72
William Albert Gilbert
[William Gilbert]
Goalkeeper 1954-56
Allan Henry Gilliver
[Allan Gilliver]
Forward 1974-75
Tom Gilmour
[Tom Gilmour]
Inside Right 1942-43
W Gittins
[W Gittins]
Right Back 1892-94
George Glaister
[George Glaister]
Outside Left 1946-50
Ronald Michael Glavin
[Ron Glavin]
Midfield 1986-87
Colin Gleave
[Colin Gleave]
Centre Half 1937-48
Beverly Arthur Glover
[Bev Glover]
Centre Half 1946-54
Harold Keith Goalen
[Keith Goalen]
Outside Left 1950-56
Arthur M Goddard
[Arthur Goddard]
Outside Right 1897-00
R Godwin
[R Godwin]
Outside Left 1916-17
Richard Godwin
[Richard Godwin]
Half Back 1892-95
James Golder
[James Golder]
Midfield 1970-72
Andrew James Goodchild
[James Goodchild]
Goalkeeper 1918-19
James Goodfellow
[James Goodfellow]
Forward 1978-79
Frederick James Goodwin
[Freddie Goodwin]
Wing Half 1974-75
James Goodwin
[Jim Goodwin]
Centre Half 2002-05
James W Goodwin
[James Goodwin]
Outside Right 1905-07
Ralph Goodwin
[Ralph Goodwin]
Right Back 1920-21
Frederick Leslie Gore
[Leslie Gore]
Half Back 1936-37
David Alexander Gorrie
[David Gorrie]
Right half 1962-63
William Gorrie
[William Gorrie]
Outside Left 1944-45
Andrew William Gorton
[Andy Gorton]
Goalkeeper 1988-89
J Gotheridge
[J Gotheridge]
Outside Left 1891-92
Robert George Gough
[Bobby Gough]
Forward 1973-74
Thomas Gould
[Thomas Gould]
Goalkeeper 1893-95
Norman Gowland
[Norman Gowland]
Goalkeeper 1930-31
Deiniol William Thomas Graham
[Deiniol Graham]
Midfield 1994-95
John W Graham
[John Graham]
Left Back 1911-13
Joseph Gilpin Graham
[Joe Graham]
Left Half 1911-21
John Albert Grant
[John Grant]
Wing Half 1942-43
Peter John Grant
[Peter Grant]
Left Back 1986-87
Stephen Hubert Grant
[Stephen Grant]
Forward 1997-99
Ian James Gray
[Ian Gray]
Goalkeeper 1997-00
Kevin John Gray
[Kevin Gray]
Centre Half 2000-01
Simon Nicholas Grayson
[Simon Grayson]
Defence/Midfield 2000-01
James Greechan
[James Greechan]
Outside Left 1909-12
Arthur William Green
[Arthur Green]
Centre Forward 1908-10
Joseph Green
[Joseph Green]
Centre Half 1940-41
Robert Edward Green
[Eddie Green]
Inside Left 1934-36
Thomas Green
[Thomas Green]
Inside Left 1907-09
Thomas Green
[Thomas Green]
Left Winger/Centre Forward 1922-23
Gordon Greer
[Gordon Greer]
Central Defender 2002-03
E Grewcock
[E Grewcock]
Outside Left 1892-93
Kenneth James Grieves
[Ken Grieves]
Goalkeeper 1957-58
Albert Griffin
[Albert Griffin]
Centre Forward 1902-03
Daniel Joseph Griffin
[Danny Griffin]
Central Defence 2003-05
James Henry Griffin
[James Griffin]
Left Back 1923-24
Douglas James Griffiths
[Doug Griffiths]
Centre Half 1967-70
James Thomas Griffiths
[James Griffiths]
Centre Forward 1962-63
John Griffiths
[John Griffiths]
Inside Forward 1970-75
Joseph Leonard Griffiths
[Joe Griffiths]
Outside Left 1920-24
Joseph Russell Griffiths
[Joe Griffiths]
Forward 1931-33
Arthur Groves
[Arthur Groves]
Inside Right 1939-40
Ronald Guy
[Ronald Guy]
Forward 1958-60

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