Index to pages containing basic information about the players who qualify for an entry in the Stockport County Who's Who.

Qualifying players with family names starting with B
Name Position
with County
Christopher F Baggeley
[Chris Baggeley]
Right Half 1910-11
Thomas Henry Bagley
[Tommy Bagley]
Outside Right/Inside Forward 1938-42
Alan Bailey
[Alan Bailey]
Forward 1999-01
H Bailey
[H Bailey]
Centre Forward 1894-95
Matthew Bailey
[Mat Bailey]
Forward 2002-05
Neil Bailey
[Neil Bailey]
Defence/Midfield 1986-88
Thomas Ball
[Tom Ball]
Goalkeeper 1906-07
Alan Barber
[Alan Barber]
Left Half 1941-42
John Barber
[Jack Barber]
Centre Half/Half Back 1932-33
Robert Lindsay Guthrie Barclay
[Robert Barclay]
Centre Forward 1948-49
Edward Bardsley
[Ted Bardsley]
Outside Left 1904-07
Leslie Bardsley
[Les Bardsley]
Inside Right 1944-45
Thomas Barkas
[Tommy Barkas]
Inside Left 1947-49
John Barker
[John Barker]
Outside Right 1901-02
Leonard Barker
[Len Barker]
Outside Right 1947-52
Cyril Arthur Barlow
[Cyril Barlow]
Right Back 1924-25
Stuart Barlow
[Stuart Barlow]
Forward 2003-05
Arthur Barnard
[Arthur Barnard]
Goalkeeper 1956-59
Harry Barnes
[Harry Barnes]
Half Back 1896-97
JW Barnes
[JW Barnes]
Outside Right 1944-45
Albert Barnett
[Albert Barnett]
Inside Left 1915-17
Anthony Barras
[Tony Barras]
Central Defence 1990-94
Louis J Barrett
[Louis Barrett]
Outside Left 1942-43
Scott Barrett
[Scott Barrett]
Goalkeeper 1989-90
Samuel Basford
[Samuel Basford]
Right Back 1941-42
Nigel Anthony Batch
[Nigel Batch]
Goalkeeper 1988-89
James Rigby Bates
[James Bates]
Inside Forward 1891-92
William Fotheringham Bauchop
[William Bauchop]
Outside Left 1909-11
Baxter Inside Forward 1894-95
Stuart William Baxter
[Stuart Baxter]
Centre Half 1976-77
Allan Beards
[Allan Beards]
Outside Left 1955-56
Ernest Colin Beardshaw
[Colin Beardshaw]
Centre Half/Full Back 1936-38
J Edward Beasley
[Edward Beasley]
Right Back 1936-37
T Beasley
[T Beasley]
Outside Right 1943-46
Stephen Beattie
[Stephen Beattie]
Outside Right 1920-21
Christopher Paul Beaumont
[Chris Beaumont]
Forward 1989-96
Frank Beaumont
[Frank Beaumont]
Half Back/Inside Right 1964-66
Peter Andrew Bebbington
[Peter Bebbington]
Left Back 1969-70
Luke John Beckett
[Luke Beckett]
Forward 2001-05
Harry Beech
[Harry Beech]
Right Half 1911-13
Norman Beedles
[Norman Beedles]
Left Back 1929-34
Graham Beighton
[Graham Beighton]
Goalkeeper 1961-66
Thomas Anthony Bell
[Thomas Bell]
Right Back 1952-53
William Benice
[William Benice]
Right Back 1900-02
Thomas McNeill Bennett
[Tom Bennett]
Defence/Midfield 1995-00
John Raymond Bennion
[John Bennion]
Right Half 1960-61
Stanley Joseph Bentham
[Stan Bentham]
Inside Right 1944-45
E Bentley
[E Bentley]
Centre Half 1901-02
John Bentley
[John Bentley]
Outside Right 1961-63
Kent Roger Bergersen
[Kent Bergersen]
Midfield/Winger 1999-01
G Berry
[G Berry]
Goalkeeper 1918-19
William Alexander Berry
[William Berry]
Centre Forward 1908-10
James Bertenshaw
[Jack Bertenshaw]
Centre Forward 1913-18
George Best
[George Best]
Outside Right 1975-76
Joseph Beswick
[Joseph Beswick]
Inside Forward 1906-07
William Betteley
[William Betteley]
Outside Left 1898-02
Alexander Betton
[Alec Betton]
Centre Half 1934-36
James Barrie Betts
[Barrie Betts]
Right Back 1957-60
John George Bingham
[John Bingham]
Outside Left 1972-73
Alan Birch
[Alan Birch]
Midfield/Forward 1987-88
Neville J Birch
[Neville Birch]
Left Back 1942-43
Trevor Birch
[Trevor Birch]
Right Half 1960-62
Joseph Birchenall
[Joseph Birchenall]
Centre Half 1892-94
Peter Brian Bircumshaw
[Peter Bircumshaw]
Outside Left 1963-64
Joseph G Birds
[Joseph Birds]
Goalkeeper 1919-22
Andrew Black
[Andy Black]
Inside Left 1950-54
Dr Thomas Parkyn Blades
[Thomas Blades]
Centre Half/Centre Forward 1891-93
James Blair
[James Blair]
Left Half 1912-13
Kenneth George Blair
[Kenny Blair]
Midfield 1975-76
Alan Blayney
[Alan Blayney]
Goalkeeper 2002-03
Harold Blears
[Harold Blears]
Right Back 1895-99
Robert Blood
[Robert Blood]
Centre Forward 1924-27
Alfred William Bluer
[Alf Bluer]
Half Back 1913-19
John Arthur Blunt
[John Blunt]
Half Back 1925-26
L R Blyth
[L Blyth]
Goalkeeper 1944-45
Benjamin Boardman
[Ben Boardman]
Inside Right 1924-31
William Bocking
[Billy Bocking]
Full Back 1934-38
Harold Bodle
[Harold Bodle]
Inside Left 1952-53
William Henry Bolton
[William Bolton]
Half Back 1897-99
Samuel Bond
[Samuel Bond]
Left Half 1926-30
A Booth
[A Booth]
Outside Left 1944-45
David Christopher Booth
[Dave Booth]
Forward 1978-81
Frank Booth
[Frank Booth]
Outside Left 1901-02
J M Booth
[J Booth]
Goalkeeper 1944-45
Joseph Bostock
[Joseph Bostock]
Left Back 1904-07
Leon Antonin L Boullimier [used Bullimer]
[Leon Boullemier]
Goalkeeper 1895-96
Matthew Terence Bound
[Matty Bound]
Central Defence 1994-98
D Bowcock
[D Bowcock]
Inside Left 1918-19
John Charles Bowles
[Jack Bowles]
Goalkeeper 1938-53
Paul Michael Anthony Bowles
[Paul Bowles]
Central Defence 1982-85
Gary Brabin
[Gary Brabin]
Midfield 1987-91
John Jackson Longtaff Bradbury
[John Bradbury]
Outside Right 1896-97
Leslie John Bradd
[Les Bradd]
Centre Forward/Centre Half 1978-81
Clifford Bradley
[Clifford Bradley]
Right Back 1906-07
Lee Herbert Bradley
[Lee Bradley]
Midfield 1975-77
N Bradley
[N Bradley]
Left Half 1916-17
Graham Branch
[Graham Branch]
Winger 1998-99
Kenneth Brannigan
[Kenny Brannigan]
Central Defence 1986-87
Grant Iain Brebner
[Grant Brebner]
Midfield 2000-01
Bryan Brennan
[Bryan Brennan]
Centre Forward 1948-54
Michael Brennan
[Michael Brennan]
Centre Forward 1971-72
Thomas Joseph Brennan
[Thomas Brennan]
Inside Left 1935-36
WF Brennan
[W Brennan]
Centre Forward 1919-20
F Bridge
[F Bridge]
Outside Right 1918-19
Jack Bridge
[Jock Bridge]
Outside Right 1910-12
Roger Bridge
[Roger Bridge]
Outside Right 1896-00
Marc Bridge-Wilkinson
[Marc Bridge-Wilkinson]
Midfielder 2004-05
A Brierley
[A Brierley]
Outside Left 1942-43
John W Briggs
[John Briggs]
Outside Right 1919-20
Keith Briggs
[Keith Briggs]
Right Wing Back/Midfield 1996-03
John Victor Brinton
[Jack Brinton]
Outside Left 1946-48
James Thomas Brittleton
[Tommy Brittleton]
Inside Forward 1902-05
Samuel Brittleton
[Samuel Brittleton]
Inside Right 1904-06
Peter Frank Broadbent
[Peter Broadbent]
Inside Right 1969-70
Frederick Broadhurst
[Fred Broadhurst]
Right Back 1923-24
Kevin Stanley Brock
[Kevin Brock]
Midfield 1994-95
Maurice Brooke
[Maurice Brooke]
Centre Forward 1950-52
John Vincent Brookes
[John Brookes]
Midfield 1970-71
Thomas Brookes
[Thomas Brookes]
Half Back 1900-01
Nicholas Anthony Brookman
[Nicky Brookman]
Midfield 1989-90
Anthony Brooks
[Anthony Brooks]
Inside Forward 1964-65
Edward A Brooks
[Edward Brooks]
Centre Forward 1920-22
Albert Henry Broome [registered without the E]
[Albert Broome]
Inside Forward 1926-28
Ernest Broomfield
[Ernest Broomfield]
Centre Forward 1903-04
Ian Lewis Broomfield
[Ian Broomfield]
Inside Forward 1972-75
Henry Brown
[Henry Brown]
Inside Left 1910-11
John Brown
[John Brown]
Outside Left 1903-04
John Christopher Brown
[John Brown]
Goalkeeper 1975-76
Malcolm Brown
[Malcolm Brown]
Right Back 1989-91
Norman Brown
[Norman Brown]
Inside Forward 1927-32
Philip James Brown
[Phil Brown]
Forward/Midfield 1986-87
Richard Anthony Brown
[Richard Brown]
Full Back 1994-95
William 'Rimmer' Brown
[William Brown]
Centre Forward 1896-98
William Brown
[Billy Brown]
Inside Left 1930-31
William Dewis Brown
[Billy Brown]
Half Back 1944-50
William P Brown
[William Brown]
Right Half 1900-01
William Walker Brown
[William Brown]
Left Back 1935-38
William Bryant
[William Bryant]
Outside Right 1945-46
Thomas Bryden
[Thomas Bryden]
Outside Left 1912-13
Fredrik Bryngelsson
[Fredrik Bryngelsson]
Central Defence 2000-02
George William Buck
[George Buck]
Outside Right 1962-63
Ambrose Buckley
[Ambrose Buckley]
Left Back 1945-47
Ian Buckley
[Ian Buckley]
Midfield 1975-77
Samuel Bullock
[Samuel Bullock]
Outside Left 1934-35
Steven Bullock
[Steven Bullock]
Defence/Midfield 1987-91
Dennis Reginald Bullough
[Dennis Bullough]
Centre Forward 1919-21
Henry Francis Bunner
[Henry Bunner]
Centre Half 1965-66
Frederick Burden
[Frederick Burden]
Half Back 1908-11
Benjamin K Burgess
[Ben Burgess]
Striker 2002-03
George Burgess
[George Burgess]
Full Back 1925-28
Harry Burgess
[Harry Burgess]
Inside Left 1940-41
Ernest Burgoyne
[Ernest Burgoyne]
Inside Right 1896-97
Steven James Burke
[Steve Burke]
Midfield 1987-88
William Burns
[William Burns]
Centre Forward 1931-32
Arthur Burrows
[Arthur Burrows]
Right Back 1919-21
Arthur Burrows
[Arthur Burrows]
Right Half 1937-47
Brian Francis Butler
[Brian Butler]
Midfield/Defence 1988-89
Joseph H Butler
[Joe Butler]
Goalkeeper 1916-19
Malcolm Partridge Butler
[Malcolm Butler]
Right Back 1940-41
Leonard H Butt
[Leonard Butt]
Inside Right 1943-44
J Butterworth
[J Butterworth]
Right Half 1917-18
Thomas Butterworth
[Thomas Butterworth]
Left Half 1905-09
Stephen Christopher Buxton
[Steve Buxton]
Midfield 1984-85
Christopher Thomas Byrne
[Chris Byrne]
Midfield/Forward 1997-01
Desmond Byrne
[Dessie Byrne]
Midfield 1998-99
Mark J Byrne
[Mark Byrne]
Forward 2001-03
Michael T Byrne
[Michael Byrne]
Forward 2003-05
David John Byrom
[David Byrom]
Defence 1984-85

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