Index to pages containing basic information about the players who qualify for an entry in the Stockport County Who's Who.

Qualifying players with family names starting with W
Name Position
with County
James H Wainwright
[James Wainwright]
Left Back 1895-01
Sydney Hastings Waites
[Sid Waites]
Outside Right 1928-29
Gary Walker
[Gary Walker]
Goalkeeper 1985-87
Michael John Walker
[Michael Walker]
Winger 1970-71
Victor Walker
[Vic Walker]
Inside Forward/Right Half 1946-51
William Walker
[William Walker]
Full Back 1919-20
Willis Walker
[Willis Walker]
Goalkeeper 1926-27
Clive Low Wallace
[Clive Wallace]
Inside Forward 1959-60
Michael Wallace
[Michael Wallace]
Winger/Full Back 1992-95
Jack Wallwork
[Jack Wallwork]
Outside Right 1891-92
RJ Wallwork
[R Wallwork]
Outside Right 1902-04
Ronald Wallwork
[Ronald Wallwork]
Defence/Midfield 1997-98
Albert Walmsley
[Albert Walmsley]
Right Half 1920-23
James Arthur Walsh
[James Walsh]
Inside Forward 1919-22
David Lee Walton
[Dave Walton]
Central Defender 2003-04
William E Walton
[William Walton]
Left Back 1936-37
Dennis Ward
[Dennis Ward]
Goalkeeper 1949-53
Derrick Ward
[Derrick Ward]
Outside Right/Inside Forward 1961-64
Michael Henry Ward
[Mick Ward]
Inside Right 1948-50
Peter D Ward
[Peter Ward]
Midfield 1991-95
Ronald Ward
[Ronnie Ward]
Centre Forward 1953-57
Michael Wardrobe
[Michael Wardrobe]
Forward 1981-83
Paul David Ware
[Paul Ware]
Midfield 1994-97
Jack Waring
[John Waring]
Outside Left 1944-45
George Tubby Warren
[George Warren]
Centre Forward 1911-12
John Victor Wassall
[John Wassall]
Inside Right 1946-48
Albert Waterall
[Albert Waterall]
Inside Forward/Left Half 1913-26
Thomas W Waterall
[Thomas Waterall]
Outside Left 1915-18
Arthur Waters
[Arthur Waters]
Left Back 1904-11
Frederick Watson
[Fred Watson]
Inside Forward 1940-42
Harry Watson
[Harry Watson]
Inside Right 1932-33
John Watt
[John Watt]
Outside Right 1963-65
John Watters
[Jack Watters]
Outside Right 1947-48
Samuel Weaver
[Sam Weaver]
Left Half 1945-47
William Webb
[Billy Webb]
Left Back 1957-63
Keith James Webber
[Keith Webber]
Centre Forward 1971-72
William T Webster
[William Webster]
Outside Left 1929-32
Raymond Edward Weigh
[Ray Weigh]
Outside Left 1951-54
Alex Weir
[Alex Weir]
Centre Half 1909-10
Andrew Welsh
[Andy Welsh]
Left Winger 1999-05
Arthur Welsby
[Arthur Welsby]
Outside Forward 1934-35
George West
[George West]
Inside Left 1921-22
Thomas West
[Thomas West]
Centre Forward 1937-46
Arthur Wharton
[Arthur Wharton]
Goalkeeper 1901-02
William John Whatley
[Bill Whatley]
Right Back 1942-43
Harold Joseph Wheatley
[Joe Wheatley]
Left Half 1944-45
Paul R Wheeler
[Paul Wheeler]
Forward 1991-93
George C Whitcombe
[George Whitcombe]
Centre Half 1925-26
Eric Winston White
[Winston White]
Forward/Winger 1983-84
Fred White
[Fred White]
Inside Left 1923-25
Leonard Roy White
[Len White]
Centre Forward 1964-66
Thomas Henry White
[Tommy White]
Outside Right 1906-07
Whitehead Outside Right 1893-94
Benjamin Whitehouse
[Benjamin Whitehouse]
Centre Forward 1908-11
George Whitelaw
[George Whitelaw]
Centre Forward 1961-63
John Whitelaw
[John Whitelaw]
Inside Right 1925-28
Aaron Thomas Wilbraham
[Aaron Wilbraham]
Centre Forward 1996-04
Peter Wild
[Peter Wild]
Forward 1999-03
James Wilde
[James Wilde]
Left Half 1915-16
David Allan Wilkes
[Dave Wilkes]
Forward 1986-87
Leslie Wilkins
[Les Wilkins]
Full Back 1933-34
Wilks Inside Forward 1896-99
Albert Williams
[Albert Williams]
Centre Half 1903-05
Anthony S Williams
[Anthony S Williams]
Goalkeeper 2003-04
Ashley Williams
[Ashley Williams]
Defender 2003-05
Brett Williams
[Brett Williams]
Full Back 1986-87
Christopher Williams
[Chris Williams]
Forward 2001-05
Frederick A Williams
[Frederick Williams]
Right Back 1945-46
J Williams
[J Williams]
Outside Left 1917-19
Leonard Horace Williams
[Len Williams]
Left Back 1926-27
Oshor Joseph Williams
[Oshor Williams]
Outside Right later Midfield/Defence 1979-85
Paul Andrew Williams
[Paul A Williams]
Centre Forward/Central Defence 1992-94
Paul Richard Curtis Williams
[Paul R Williams]
Left Back/Winger 1989-93
Thomas H Williams
[Thomas Williams]
Centre Forward 1940-41
Thomas R Williams
[Thomas Williams]
Outside Right 1939-42
William Raymond Williams
[Bill Williams]
Central Defence 1988-94
James Antony Willis
[Jim Willis]
Central Defence 1987-88
Gordon Alfred Wilmott
[Gordon Wilmott]
Centre Half 1948-59
Wilson Goalkeeper 1892-93
Beverley Wilson
[Bev Wilson]
Central Defence 1968-74
Charles Wilson
[Charles Wilson]
Centre Half 1894-98
Charles M Wilson
[Charles Wilson]
Half Back 1944-45
David Wilson
[David Wilson]
Left Half 1916-19
Eugene Wilson
[Gene Wilson]
Outside Left 1954-62
George Wilfred Wilson
[George Wilson]
Full Back 1934-35
John Thomas Wilson
[Jack Wilson]
Left Half 1922-26
Thomas H Wilson
[Thomas Wilson]
Left Back 1925-26
Walter Wilson
[Walter Wilson]
Left Half 1908-09
William Wilson
[William Wilson]
Left Back 1927-30
Ira William Winstanley
[Bill Winstanley]
Left Back 1939-40
Jarkko Juhani Wiss
[Jarkko Wiss]
Midfield 2000-02
E Witterance
[E Witterance]
Centre Forward 1892-93
Norman Arthur Wood
[Norman Wood]
Inside Left 1913-15
Arthur Woodcock
[Arthur Woodcock]
Inside Forward 1944-46
Wilfred Woodcock
[Wilfred Woodcock]
Inside Forward 1921-24
Woodhouse Centre Forward 1899-00
Harry Woods
[Harry Woods]
Outside Left 1941-42
Maurice Woods
[Matt Woods]
Centre Half 1966-68
Colin John Woodthorpe
[Colin Woodthorpe]
Left Back/Midfield 1997-02
William Woodward
[William Woodward]
Inside Left/Inside Right 1937-38
Arthur George Worrall
[Arthur Worrall]
Centre Forward 1896-99
Frederick J Worrall
[Fred Worrall]
Outside Right 1945-46
Joseph Worrall
[Joseph Worrall]
Outside Left 1945-46
Arthur Worsley
[Arthur Worsley]
Full Back 1905-07
Herbert Worsley
[Herbert Worsley]
Outside Right 1944-45
Albert Gillison Worth
[Albert Worth]
Outside Left 1907-09
Frank Stewart Worthington
[Frank Worthington]
Centre Forward 1987-88
Frank Wright
[Frank Wright]
Centre Forward 1942-43
Herbert Montague Wright
[Monty Wright]
Half Back 1953-54
Issac Wright
[Ike Wright]
Full Back 1891-92
Ralph Lawrence Wright
[Ralph Wright]
Outside Left 1971-72
Mark Wroe
[Mark Wroe]
Midfield 1984-86
Rodger James Wylde
[Rodger Wylde]
Forward 1988-91
John Edward Wylie
[John Wylie]
Right Half 1962-64

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